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Grooming Services

Our grooming procedures:

Roughing: All dogs that come into our salon are "roughed". This procedure includes clipping of nails, cleaning ears, pre-clipping (depends on breed), brushing/dematting (depends on breed), assessment of personality and searching of lumps, bumps, aches and pains the customer is unaware of.

Bathing: Bathing is done right after the roughing procedure. To bathe the dogs, we use a hydro surge system to completely clean the dogs. Hydro surge is a system very similar to a do-it-yourself carwash system. (See hydro surge web site for more info.)

We like to use Bio-groom products on our customers' pets. We use a tearless or oatmeal shampoo to ensure maximum safety for our pets' skin, coat and eyes.

We also offer deskunking, deodorizing, or tar and sulfur medicated shampoos for problem skin dogs. Customers are welcome to bring their own shampoo for their pet. After each shampoo, a conditioner is applied to re-hydrate the dog's skin and coat. The conditioning treatment also serves to remove any static electricity and detangles the coat as well. It also helps repel dirt off the dog's coat.

Forced air drying: Forced air blow drying cuts the drying time in half; therefore reducing kennel drying time drastically. By using the forced air blow dryer, all the loose undercoat is removed in the tub as well as fluffing up the coat to get that extra special look.

Kennel drying: Kennel drying is great for dogs that don't like the forced air dryer or drying areas of the dog's body that can not be dried with the forced air dryer.

Towel drying: Towel drying is perfect for small or toy breeds that love to be cuddled and held. Toweling off these dogs works very well and is the least stressful on the small dogs.

Clipping the dog's coat: After the drying procedures, depending on the breed, we will clip the coat according to the client's wishes, whether it is a regular breed clip or a modified clip requested by the customer. Clipping can be various lengths from surgical to 1-2 inches. Anything longer than that would have to be hand scissored.