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The Pawprints Dog Salon Maintenance Program

Pawprints Dog Salon has developed a special maintenance program recommended for small breeds like Shih-tzus, Lhasas, Toys and Miniature Poodles, Bichons, Miniature Schnauzers, Small Crossed breeds, etc.

This special program was created not just for pets, but also for owners that love their pets yet don't have the time for brushing and washing or who sometimes don't remember to book an appointment with the groomers on a regular basis.

Enrolling in this program is simple; first give us a call and book for a full grooming. Then let's assume that you want to be on the Pawprints Dog Salon Maintenance Program. Leave it with our grooming salon and we will pre-book your dog for a visit every month.

In the first month of the program, your pet is given a full grooming and in the next month your pet receives a tidy-up, consisting of bath, nail trimming, pads, paws and eye trimming. Thereafter the program alternates with a full grooming one month and a tidy-up the next. A representative from our salon will call you a couple of days before each appointment to remind you of your next appointment.

What does this program do for you?

Your pet will always be looking their best, feeling healthy and happy. No more mats, unwanted shaving down, no more ear problems, no more overgrown nails, no more of that "doggie" smell. Isn't that great!

This program will also guarantee that your buddy will get beautiful for those special dates like Christmas or other holidays.

What does your pet gain with this program?

More hugs, more attention, and most of all: pets who come in on a regular basis enjoy their grooming, they will trust the groomer, knowing that it is just a brief time in the spa, and their moms or dads will come soon to pick them up. Here at Pawprints Dog Salon we always do our best to see our little friends comfortable, healthy and happy. We do believe that special friends deserve special care!